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30th May - 2nd June
Four Day Aquatic Inverts Course

Aquatic Invertebrate Course Information

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These pages give students some internet links which may provide useful background information prior to attending one of my courses. Extra information on the course, which is not in the FSC leaflet, is also available here. More content may be added in due course so please revisit from time to time.

Having attended one of the courses you will receive a password to visit the download section where you can obtain useful documentation and software for future studies.

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The following links provide a great deal of information about various specific groups of invertebrates living in aquatic habitats:

The Water Flea Interest Group website:
An introduction toall things about Water Fleas and identification.

The Virtual Pond Dip:
An introduction to microscopic pond life

The Freshwater Life site:
This site is a growing resource includes some downloadable keys

The Freshwater Biological Association site:
Worth looking at for the range of keys available, although a full set would be very expensive.

The Mayfly Recording Scheme website:
Information on studying Mayflies and descriptions of the 51 species found in the UK

CAMSTARS ~ The River Flies Recording Schemes website:

Information and contact details for Mayflies, Stoneflies & Caddis recording

Heteroptera News

.. has information on aquatic bugs in several downloadable magazines


This year I am running one four day course on the identification of freshwater invertebrates:

Four day Aquatic Invertebrates Course
Tuesday 30th May - Friday 2nd June

The FSC website will contain a course description with the basic information about this four day course, when courses for 2017 go on line

This is the full four day course I have been running for several years now. Field trips to local rivers and to local ponds allow students to collect inverts for later work in the lab at Flatford. If you bring collecting tubes you can of course leave with the start of your own voucher collection.
A very comprehensive selection of both current and also older keys can be used by students to practise, with individual help, the identication of their catch. This has proved very useful to many students in gaining familiarity with a number of groups and often has led to students deciding, on completion of the course, to specialise in one or more favoured groups. You are welcome to concentrate on your own particular favourite group or get a general overview of freshwater life.
By the last day the group will have amassed quite a comprehensive species list from the sites visited and we then cover several of the techniques which have been devised to analyse freshwater sites. This allows us to obtain several metrics or measurements of the water quality and the conservation value of the sites. Students will also leave with a full trial copy of my shareware software called SAFIS which automates all these metrics, requiring only that the species list is pasted in before a full report is output.
Do feel free to contact me if you have further questions

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